Walk By Faith

Hebrews 11:7 – By faith Noah, having been divinely warned concerning the things not yet seen, having feared, did prepare an ark to the salvation of his house, through which he did condemn the world, and of the righteousness according to faith he became heir.

We’ve all heard the story of Noah. God told him what to do, gave him the specs for the ark and the instructions about the animals and Noah went to work. The ark wasn’t exactly a rowboat, so it had to have taken Noah quite a while to build it. Since a cubit is 25 inches, the ark was about 625 ft. long, 104 ft. wide and 62 1/2 feet high. Noah didn’t have a local Home Depot to provide the wood for him and no power tools to make the job go faster. He couldn’t call a local zoo or the Animal Planet people to send him the animals, so getting them all would have taken a lot of time as well. A seemingly impossible job, no modern conveniences to make it go faster and nothing but faith in God’s Word to keep him going … hmmm. I can’t help but notice that the Bible doesn’t say anywhere that during all the time that it took for Noah to complete his task, God was reminding him to do it over and over again. God spoke, Noah worked. That was it.

How many times has God given you something to do in your life? Do you always see it through to completion or do you get hung up in doubt once the initial fire wears off and “put out the fleece” for God to come tell you again what it is that you’re supposed to do?

Noah had enough faith in God’s Word that he kept at it for however long it took. He didn’t have to be reminded daily or weekly that God had a job for him to do. When God gives you an assignment, do you see it through to completion with nothing more than your faith in the Lord to keep you going or do you call on God to come tell you again and again and again the same thing that He told you in the first place?

My challenge to you today is to look closely at your life and your level of faith. Do you walk out God’s instructions like an obedient child or do you constantly question him and need daily reminders in order to complete a task? Are you more like Noah or Gideon?

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