We see and hear the terms ” Living”, “Living Life”, ” Living Life To The Fullest” to name a few terms most commonly used, but in the fast paced  high pressure world we live in how often do we stop and really consider what “Living” is?

Is it the hustle and bustle of our schedule of “to do”?  Is it the deadlines we rush to meet that define our paychecks ? Perhaps it’s the things we do outside of work like, sports, camping, vacations, off-road riding the list could go forever. To most the meaning of Living is different.

However you define living or whatever your approach to life may be here is something my grandmother used to say to me until she passed away. I have no idea where she got it from other than her own life experience. To be honest I’m not sure why I was reminded of this today , it was one of those ” out of the blue” kind of things but I felt like I was supposed to share. It goes like this : ” Living is okay but It’s not the breath we take that measure life.It’s the moments that take your breath away that matter most.”

Whatever you approach to life is or wherever you may find yourself in life. I encourage you to take a moment and think about that simple phrase and the depth of the meaning behind the words. My hope and prayer is that you will walk away with your heart or head being stirred enough to at least take a moment and take a closer look at life and how you live it.

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