My Way is the Only Way

one-way-signIf I don’t like it then that MUST mean that God doesn’t like it – so it’s “of the devil.” Right? My way is the ONLY “right” way because its’ the only “God approved” way! (And no – I am not talking about the people at Westboro Baptist Church who seem that believe that God hates everyone but them.) I’m talking about smaller, lesser known “ministries” and even individuals who take to the internet to condemn all of us who don’t agree with them.

Take today for instance – I came across a blog post warning of the “evils” of Christian music. Nutshell synopsis: the person who wrote it was looking for a video of a specific song that she had heard at her church. She was apparently looking for something quiet enough (translated: no guitars, bass or drums) to be considered “worthy” of “reverent worship.” She found several videos by popular Christian artists but decided that there was something “wrong” with each one …

  • Live recording – too much of the artist, not enough of the congregation
  • Next version – too much “worldly music” that you “could dance to” if you wanted
  • Next version – sounds like a “rock concert”

And on and on it went.

So what should a good, God-fearing Christian do when they can’t find a song that they like? Go on the attack of course! Since she couldn’t find something that SHE liked, that meant that a.) there was no version that GOD liked and b.) all of the artists who recorded the “unlikeable” versions were “of the devil.” Her quest to find a song version that was music to her own ears turned into an attack on anyone who made music that she didn’t find appealing. Those who dared to not blindly agree with her were stupid (at best) and “agents of the enemy” at worst.

As I shook my head in disgust, I was led to 1 Corinthians 1:10-13. In the “My way is the only way” gospel, where does that Scripture fit in? Have those who jump on a soap box and speak for God not read Isaiah 55:8?

I am an ordained pastor. That means that I have spent a lot of time studying my Bible, a lot of time in prayer and that I feel like God called me to this ministry. However, being called BY God doesn’t equal BEING God! For me, all of that doesn’t even mean that I feel free to speak for God. I can share Scripture that helps in a situation; I can share my thoughts on a subject … I can not speak as though the Lord of all and I sat down and had a meeting regarding a specific subject and repeat His quotes.

If YOU have received Christ into your life and into your heart then your walk is just that … YOURS! I can help guide you, I can share Scripture and lessons that I have learned along my way and I can point you towards the Savior in all things – but I can not (and will not) walk your path for you. And at the end of YOUR journey, YOU will be the one answering for your steps (as I will answer for my own as well as for the steps I suggested to others.)

John 14:6 tells us all that the only way to the Father is through the Son … “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Jesus is the ONLY way … not Pastor so-and-so, the such-and-such ministry and certainly not some anonymous blogger!

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One Response to My Way is the Only Way

  1. Gretta Gibbs Harrison says:

    Your words of wisdom and grace are marvelous. So true about many comments you make, and no, I’m not on the devil’s side nor try to give him credit for what should be my lesson from God. You were found by me from reading everything under Christian/Gospel Music; your being a pastor ( thank you for being so truthful), journalist (writing the truth about this Christian walk), and your being genuine in knowing the good, bad, and excellent lyrics that merits a young man to be heard.So many wish they had a personal friend a journalist of your caliber and spiritual nature. You should be given many awards…you will receive them when we get to Heaven. You are the eyes of one who loves the Lord and is called according to his purpose. I am the one, Gretta Harrison who wishes, if all possible, that you would listen to written songs by me and sung/played by me, for record labels to entertain managing and recording my music. You listen? please? and do what you do best, talk about it wherever you go. Sincerely and Prayerfully, Gretta. Artist: Love Me In My Darkness Song Ministry ( for cancer and those in a dark place in their lives). You, Kim Jones, are the best way to get heard. From: Houston, Texas 1+616+710-2284 mobile/home 1+713+748-2267. I need to take the drive to your church and meet you in person…it would be delightful!!! Bye for now.

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