David Phelps Brings It!

This is one of the most stunning performances I have seen this year! David Phelps is in the running for the 2013 Dove Awards “Contemporary Christian Performance of the Year” with this song and I, for one, think he should get it. Yes, the other songs are all great, but this goes well beyond “great” into “blown away” territory.

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2 Responses to David Phelps Brings It!

  1. Penny Stange says:

    I need help! I want a band for our young people in our community and have not a clue how to get in touch with groups, find pricing, or anything.
    Please help.
    Penny Stange

  2. Pastor Kim Jones says:

    Hi Penny,

    Depending on your budget, you can look in a couple of directions: a local church band or a booking agent for a national band. I have a list of bookers that I put together at http://christianmusic.about.com/od/bookingagentspromoters/ that you can check out.

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