Congrats to For Today!

For Today (Razor & Tie)

For Today (Razor & Tie)

I’m the first one to admit that metalcore (aka screamo) is not my thing. As a vocalist, my ear immediately listens for words and I’m not “tuned into” screams. My kiddo, however, has several Christian metalcore bands that she likes so being a wise mom, I dug into them. One of her biggees is For Today and regardless of my affection (or lack thereof) for their music, I simply adore their hearts. That is one thing I have to say about every metalcore band she’s introduced me to — they are more outspoken about their faith than most other folks around — and I respect that even more than their impressive musical skills.

If you’re not familiar with For Today (who I am congratulating because they got a Dove nod for Rock Album of the Year for their project, Fight the Silence), let me introduce you …

For Today Biography:

Hailing from Sioux City, Iowa, the band hit the metalcore scene in 2005 on Facedown Records. Since then, they have given fans 1 EP, 3 full length albums and hundreds of shows. As hardcore about their faith as they are their music, this band intends to keep going until “the name of Christ is proclaimed to the entire world” and looking at their upcoming tour schedule shows that they absolutely mean it!

For Today Lineup:

  • Brandon Leitru – bass guitar
  • David Morrison – drums, percussion
  • Mattie Montgomery – lead vocals
  • Ryan Leitru – lead guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Sam Penner – rhythm guitar

Former For Today Members:

  • Jon Lauters – bass
  • Matt Tyler – lead vocals
  • Mike Reynolds – rhythm guitar (Mike left in 2013)

For Today Discography:

  • Fight The Silence, 2014
  • Prevailer, 2013
  • Immortal, 2012
  • Breaker, 2010
  • Portraits, 2009
  • Ekklesia, 2008
  • Your Moment, Your Life, Your Time (EP) 2006

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