Congrats to Skillet!

Skillet - Rise

Skillet – Rise

Skillet is, arguably, one of my absolute favorite Christian rock bands so I was thrilled to see them get a Dove Awards nod for Rock Song of the Year for “Good To Be Alive” from Rise.

Back when the album came out in 2013, I gave it 5 stars (out of 5) because it was just that good! In case you missed it then, let me share that 5-star review! 

When you’ve been one of only three rock bands to have an album go platinum in a year (2012), how do you follow up? For Skillet, you Rise! You create a project that tells a story that people can not only relate to, but get behind. In a video about the road to Rise, lead singer John Cooper talked about the album, calling it a “story of an average American teenager coming of age” and being faced with problems – both world problems and internal problems – and you don’t have to be young to relate to that.

The headlines deliver more world issues, tragedy and horror than any one person can wrap their mind around and there is never a shortage of suggestions from Hollywood, Washington and the media as to who we should be, how we should look and what we should think and feel.

  • Style: Christian Hard Rock
  • 12 Songs on the regular version, 15 songs on the deluxe version
  • Time: 48 minutes on the regular version, 61 minutes on the deluxe version + a DVD
  • Release Date: June 25, 2013
  • Label: Atlantic Records / Word
  • Buy Rise from

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a panhead (as are the rest of the family). Skillet is one of my favorite bands (and has been since Comatose). I fell in musical love with them all over again with the release of Awake and wondered how they could possibly deliver a project that I liked as much as I did that one. When so much time went by with no hints of new music, I worried a little that Awake (Deluxe) was their swan song. Needless to say, when I heard rumors of new tunes, I was beyond excited, but still a little “iffy” as to whether they could top greatness.

The lack of Ben was another issue – the young man is one heck of a guitar player and let’s face it, when a band replaces a long term member, sometimes it just doesn’t quite make for a good fit because the new sound is “off” to your ears. I wasn’t familiar with Seth Morrison and even after digging around to hear him play and deciding that yep, he’s got mad skills, I still wondered.

My worry was all totally needless. The addition of Seth didn’t hinder Skillet one tiny bit. If anything, it pushed John, Jen and Korey to be even better (no small feat as they are all amazing and accomplished musicians). The guitar solos found on songs like “Not Gonna Die” and “Circus For A Psycho” are mind boggling! They even got a big smile from my husband, a man who has played guitar for more years than Seth has been breathing!

At this point, I could go into much detail about each and every song. I could tell you that the lyrics will start a fire in your heart to rise above the expectations of the world. I could opine greatly about the fact that Skillet will get your blood pumping with the in-your-face rockers and slow you down and make you think with the ballads. I could go on and on about the masterful blend of hard-hitting bass, keys and strings that hit all of the right notes, guitar licks that will blow your hair back and drum work that makes you shake your head in wonder, asking yourself how in the world such a small woman delivers such a big and powerful sound. The thing is, if I were to do that, it would be that much longer before you could get up from the computer and go to the closest music store to grab a copy of this gem! Therefore, I will simply say this … Rise is THE album of 2013.

Bottom line: Skillet really did rise above the norm and their previous projects with Rise. Each and every song is a masterpiece in its own right.

Rise Track List:

  1. Rise (Official lyric video)
  2. Sick Of It (Official music video)
  3. Good To Be Alive
  4. Not Gonna Die
  5. Circus For A Psycho
  6. American Noise (Official music video)
  7. Madness In Me
  8. Salvation
  9. Fire and Fury
  10. My Religion
  11. Hard To Find
  12. What I Believe

The Deluxe version includes: Battle Cry, Everything Goes Black and Freakshow on the CD as well as the following on the DVD:

  1. Whispers In The Dark (Live Video)
  2. Behind The Scenes 1(Live Video)
  3. Comatose (Live Video)
  4. Awake And Alive (Live Video)
  5. Those Nights (Live Video)
  6. Behind The Scenes 2 (Live Video)
  7. Hero (Live Video)
  8. The Last Night (Live Video)
  9. Lucy (Live Video)
  10. Behind The Scenes 3 (Live Video)
  11. Monster (Live Video)
  12. Rebirthing (Live Video)
  13. The Making Of Rise (Bonus Video Content)

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