Amy Grant Gets Another Dove Nod

Amy Grant - Be Still and Know

Amy Grant – Be Still and Know

Amy Grant, Gospel Music Hall of Famer, has gotten another Dove nomination for Inspirational Album of the Year. Her album, Be Still and Know, is up against projects by Casting Crowns, Phillips, Craig & Dean, Selah and The Martins. If she wins, it will be her 24th Dove win in her 30+ year career.

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Amy Grant Born:

The youngest of four daughters, Amy was born on November 25, 1960 in Augusta, Georgia, but she grew up in Nashville in a Christian home that instilled faith, family values and support.

Amy Grant Quotes:

– “I did the best I could, and in some arenas, my best was not good enough. I’ve made some bad choices.”

– “I’ve found that music allows years to fold like an accordion over each other, so I guess you don’t feel the passage of time as much.”

– “I think for a woman, the hardest thing about growing old is becoming invisible. There’s something very front and center about being young.”

– “There’s a beauty to wisdom and experience that cannot be faked. It’s impossible to be mature without having lived.

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Amy Grant Biography:

By the time she was 16, Amy had released her first album and was on her way to becoming a dominant voice in the Christian music movement.

In the ensuing years, she has sold 30+ million albums, including albums that have been certified double, triple and quadruple platinum by the Recording Industry of America by selling 2 million, 3 million and 4 million copies each. She has gone gold four times and platinum six times. She has won six Grammy’s and 25 Dove’s, and has performed everywhere from the White House to Monday Night Football. Amy Grant has taken Christian music to a wider audience than any other artist in the Christian genre.

Amy doesn’t limit herself to music. She volunteers for the “Make-a-Wish” Foundation, the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association.

The act of giving of herself has not gone unnoticed. In 2001 she was awarded the “Nashvillian of the Year” award. In 1996 she was honored with the Columbia Hospital – Minnie Pearl Humanitarian Award. In 1992 she was named Young Tennessean of the Year and was honored with the prestigious Pax Christi Award, the Peace of Christ Award. Amy is only the third woman and ninth layperson to receive this honor since its inception in 1963.

Amy Grant has a real commitment to caring about her fellow man and a heart that is eager to lift up those around her. “I feel so fortunate and so blessed to get to do music for a career,” she said. “It’s very gratifying to be invited into other people’s lives as the result of having done something that came very naturally to you.”

Honors & Awards:

  • 2006 Inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • 2003 Inducted Into The Gospel Music Association “Hall Of Fame”
  • 1999 The Nashville Chamber of Commerce, Nashville Symphony and Tennessee Performing Arts Center: “An Evening With the Arts” Honoring Grant’s Contributions to the Nashville Performing Arts Community
  • 1999 The Target House – The Amy Grant Rose
  • 1996 TNN Awards – Sarah Cannon Humanitarian Award
  • 1996 ASCAP Award – Voice of America
  • 1996 Academy of Achievement – Golden Plate Award
  • 1994 Nashville Symphony – Harmony Award
  • 1992 Junior Chamber of Commerce – Outstanding Tennessean

Amy Grant Discography:

  • Be Still And Know… Hymns & Faith, 2015
  • In Motion: The Remixes, 2014
  • How Mercy Looks From Here, 2013
  • Somewhere Down the Road, 2010
  • The Christmas Collection, 2008
  • Greatest Hits, 2007
  • Time Again: Amy Grant Live CD/DVD, 2006
  • Rock Of Ages: Hymns & Faith, 2005
  • iTunes Originals, 2005
  • Greatest Hits 1986-2004, 2004
  • Simple Things, 2003
  • Legacy… Hymns & Faith, 2002
  • A Christmas To Remember, 1999
  • Behind The Eyes, 1997
  • House of Love, 1994
  • Home For Christmas, 1992
  • Heart In Motion, 1991
  • Lead Me On, 1988
  • The Collection, 1986
  • Unguarded, 1985
  • Straight Ahead, 1984
  • A Christmas Album, 1983
  • Age To Age, 1982
  • In Concert, Volume 2, 1981
  • In Concert, 1981
  • Never Alone, 1980
  • My Father’s Eyes, 1979
  • Amy Grant, 1977

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