About Us

Road to Revelation is a ministry, a band and a journey.

After coming back to Christ, we were led to use the talents that God had given us for His glory. Being members of a local church praise team was wonderful, but we felt like God was pushing us in a different direction and Road to Revelation was born. Every day has been a learning experience and a time of growth … spiritually, musically, as pastors and as people. What first started out being a simple music ministry has grown into something bigger than one or two people and deeper than even the best sermons and songs can go.

Our name is two-fold…

  • The Bible tells us that our world is on the road to Revelation and has been since the Resurrection of Christ.
  • Webster’s Dictionary defines a revelation as “a revealing, something revealed.” Our greatest hope is that we will reveal God’s love to the people we meet.

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