Brian Jones

Brian Jones

Brian Jones

Who am I? That is the age old question that we all ask ourselves at times. For Brian Jones, the answer would be “I’m a man of many hats. A husband, dad, pastor, musician – just to name a few.” When asked how he defines himself, Brian laughingly replies “I’m a work in progress that spends a lot of time keeping God amused.”

Brian is a gifted guitar player and songwriter with over 25 years experience. Music has been and continues to be a driving passion in his life.

He feels blessed to be married to a woman that he describes as his soul-mate and the love of his life, Kim. They  are also the parents to a group that they both call the “modern day Brady Bunch” – three girls and three boys. “It’s never dull at our house,” Brian says.

Brian, by his own admission, spent most of his life running from God. However, one fateful day several years ago, his life came to a crossroads and he decided to spend his time running toward God instead. The result has been a continuing journey of discovery that has included time spent as a praise team member, worship leader, and founding member in the Christian Rock band Road To Revelation with his singer/songwriter wife, Kim. Road to Revelation (the band) grew to become Road to Revelation Ministries. Going one step farther, in the winter of 2010, after a long argument with himself and with God, he received his ordination as a pastor.

Brian and Kim continue to walk forward in the direction that God is leading, building their ministry and walking out the path God has laid out – all the while, still keeping God amused.

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  1. Marcy Suchan says:

    Hey Brian!!!!!! Remember me??? Wow, it’s been ages!! Life has been like a ride on a slippery slope, but I am just rolling with it . Your website is awesome (as always!)
    Great pic by the way! Keep on Rocking…God’s your #1 fan. God Bless.

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