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kim-2013For many people whom God calls into ministry, the acceptance of that call is a given. God calls, they answer. For Kim Jones, it wasn’t that easy. God called and she pulled a “Moses,” arguing at every turn. As she looked at her life, her walk and the mistakes she had made during both, she assured God that He could find a better person for the job if he would just look around a little longer.

The battle raged for on for almost a decade, with Kim working in ministry in the capacity of Christian Music writer, worship band member, singer/songwriter, youth leader and counselor to any and every person that came to her with a need, but she would never commit to the full-time step of being a Pastor. She and her husband Brian even formed a Christian rock band called Road to Revelation in 2003, performing locally and regionally and doing outreach ministry with youth, college groups and bikers.While she loved singing and serving others, and she didn’t feel uncomfortable talking to large groups of people, the thought of preaching terrified her.

That fear had to be met head-on the first time Road to Revelation played outside of a church. The coffee house that they were playing at always had a guest Pastor come in and share a message during the night. A week before their show, the owner called to tell them that he had decided, after reading some of Kim’s devotionals, that he was going to have her speak/teach for the 30 minutes, rather than having a Pastor come in and do it. “I was scared to death that I wouldn’t be able to make my living and vibrant Savior come alive in a ‘formal sermon’,” Kim explained. “I probably drove Brian and God crazy that week, writing, re-writing, reading to Brian and pestering God every pause in the conversation about what a bad idea it was.”

Even though she found herself speaking and teaching more and more over the next five years, Kim continued to argue with God over being a Pastor. However, in 2010, God’s patience and persistence won out and she accepted that He had been preparing her since she committed her life to Jesus at age 10. Kim fully accepted her calling, receiving her Ordination shortly before Christmas.

kim-speaking-unThis wife and mother of six sees her congregation/parish as the whole world. She believes that Jesus met people where they were at, so if she is going to represent his love, she has to follow that path. Kim is frequently found opening her home or meeting people on their own turf, counseling over the phone and even using Facebook chat to reach out to those in need that God puts in her path. From personal chats to speaking at events and conferences to speaking at a United Nations event in 2016, Kim combines the experience of living for nearly 50 years with a love for people to deliver an experience rather than just a speech.

“Being a Pastor isn’t just a job, it’s a 24-hour, 7 days a week calling,” Kim shares. “Grief, pain, anger and anguish don’t stick to ‘office hours’ so I can’t either. When the devil can get you alone in your own headspace and isolate you by either the time of day or the type of trouble you find yourself in, he can do the most damage.” She continues, “We, as the body, have got to stop letting our own discomfort get in the way of our ministry. When someone is hurting, if we don’t make ourselves available, not worrying about the lateness of the hour or the subject matter, the devil will be more than happy to take our place … but it won’t be help that he is offering!

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  1. Keith Todd says:


    I do morning tracks for a small contemporary Christian radio station. We also have a sister Southern Gospel Station and a Bluegrass station. We use your material to keep our listeners updated on what the artists are up to. We direct folks who want more info to your site on about .com. I’ve also posted up an ad for your page on my Christian Humor List at to help drive some traffic your way.

    Appreciate all you do.

    Keith Todd
    The Morning Priase Guy & The Sermon Fodder Guy

    • Pastor Kim Jones says:

      Thank you Keith! I’m honored that you use my writing to keep your listeners up to date. God bless!

  2. Cynthia Jones says:

    I couldn’t find Kim’s e-mail address so I decided to post this message to her.

    Kim, your article about Ray Boltz “coming out” was as totally aligned with the heart of Jesus and our Heavenly Father as anything I have ever read. You walked the fine line between love and condoning the way all of us Christians should be doing.

    Thank you so very much for shining your light into the darkness surrounding this crucial issue.

    May God Almighty bless you and your ministry.

    • Pastor Kim Jones says:

      Thank you so much Cynthia! The article was not an easy one to write because it saddened me so much to see someone who had done so much fall so far. The comments I was seeing around the web were from each extreme and in either attacking him or glorifying him, no one seemed to remember that we should be praying for him.

  3. Dear servant of God,Am very much touched with your wonderful teachings which can make us to grow spiritual.I’m a preacher in a fellowship church in Kenya, married, blessed with three children. In the church I’m pastering I have orphans children 32 aged between 6-16 years. The church has taken the burden of caring since their parents died and left them without nobody to care. I kindly request for any kind of assistance either clothings, food and any other you can be in position to assist. We hope to hear from you soon.Yours,

    God’s Servant Pastors Mukiri and Fred

  4. mercy says:

    real like your teaching they are wonderful.hope to hear mortlye from you.God bless you abundantly

  5. G. Gordon Gray says:

    Hello Kim, You wrote an article about Billy Ray Hearn, founder of Sparrow Records.
    He and Tom Fettke sang a medley “Glory Praise and Worship” then recorded it (CD) on the Sparrow label in 1991. I’m the librarian of my church choir, Ozaukee Congregational, Grafton WI. I heard this selection on Family Radio, it blew me away.It’s on youtube as well. I have the CD, but what looking for is the Sheet Music for this piece. Do you have any knowledge of where I can find this? I have spent months on the internet, looking for this medley. Nothing. Can you help ? With Respect

    • Pastor Kim Jones says:

      Hi G. Gordon,
      I looked everywhere I could think of and couldn’t find the sheet music for that medley either. I’m sorry! If I think of anywhere else to look, I’ll let you know for sure.
      God bless, Kim

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