What People Are Saying …

  • Curtis Jamieson – National VP Heaven’s Saints Motorcycle Ministry
    Road to Revelation is an awesome, anointed, spirit filled band. I would welcome the opportunity to ministry with them any time.

  • Ralph Lawson – AngelWings Redeemed Rock Band
    As a Christian, musician and artist I have been in a position over years to see and hear many new bands bringing forth unique styles of music that all have one common goal, and that is to lift up our Lord Jesus Christ in praise and worship and spread the gospel. Road to Revelation is one such band that I recently had the opportunity to see and hear at the 2005 Colors for the Cross Bike fest in Dothan, AL. Brian and Kim Jones, founders Road to Revelation, love the Lord and it is apparent through the lyrics they write backed by a heavy rock music format. This four piece band is of professional caliber and presentation. I would recommend them for any events, festivals or your church, but be forewarned, when you ask them to come – be ready to rock for God!

  • Rev. Rod (Big Rod) Weiss, Sr. – Cry Freedom Servant M/M & World Christianship Ministries
    Road to Revelation is a hard hitting, solid rocking, Christian rock band. Kim, who does most of their vocals, has a dynamic singing voice, and their Christian witness is above reproach. I would recommend them to any church or youth rally looking for this type of music. We at the Colors for the Cross Christian biker rally thoroughly enjoyed them and their music.

  • Sharon Briones – Media Relations Slingshot Records
    I think that it is a wonderful CD. I absolutely love the sound. Great lyrics. I LOVE it!

  • Eric Campbell – Christian Hip Hop artist/Producer – RAHAB INC.
    Tight production. Straight forward lyrics over hard rockin’ tracks. Very cool.

  • Kurt Parks – Program Director – XTREME 101 Christian Radio (Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada)
    Road to Revelation offers a straight-forward, rockin’ sound with lyrics that are relevant to real life. We recommend them musically and personally.

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  1. steve rogers says:

    Kim, this is Steve from ROGERS AGENCY. I haven’t talked with you in awhile. I have misplaced your email address. Can you email me? I want to chat with you concerning something. Bless you!

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