“Pandora’s Box”

We have become a “show me” society. If we can’t see it, many of us don’t believe it. We can’t see Jesus or the devil, but we are called to pick a side and “open the box.” What comes out will depend on which box you open.

BMI © 2003 Lyrics by Kim Jones & Dave Bannister
Music by Brian Jones

Pandora’s box – the beginning or the end
It depends on which side you’re on
It’s full of life or full of sin
The door to hell or the Son


Pandora’s box – who’s gonna open?
Pandora’s box – tell me what’s inside!
Pandora’s box – when you see what’s in it
Will you stay or run and hide?

You want to know what’s in it
Before you open up the top
Will it let out things straight from the pit?
Ugliness you can’t stop?

repeat chorus

Will it shine a light into your life?
Show the error of your ways?
Will it cut you like a two-edged knife?
Change the way you spend your days?

repeat chorus

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