“Real Live Super Hero”

Everybody needs a hero in their life. Sadly, for many people, young and old, athletes and entertainers are the ones who seem to fit the bill. Value is often judged by net worth and fame. The Son of God is the only real hero out there, but since He is never hyped on MTV or in Rolling Stone Magazine, He is frequently left out of the list of viable options for hero worship.

BMI © 2003 Lyrics by Kim Jones
Music by Brian Jones

You all know the man in black
And the one they call the King
But have you met the Son of God
Who gave up everything?

He never posed for photo ops
Or guest-starred on TV
He only died up on a cross
Back there at Calvary

Chorus x 2

He’s a real live super hero
He’s the Son of God and man
He’s the savior of the human race
He’s the greatest, He’s I Am

You won’t see Him on VH1
Or at the Grammy’s show
No interviews in Rolling Stone
No part of the status quo

He don’t fill in on the People’s Court
Never been a Hollywood Square
The Late Show don’t invite Him
Neither does Current Affair

repeat chorus

He don’t do endorsements
For your favorite tennis shoe
He don’t back a fast-food chain
Or plug your favorite brew

No million dollar contracts
No signed record deals
No guest-spots on Oprah
No ads for automobiles

repeat chorus

He died to pay for all your sins
He fought death and won
How can you not honor Him
And make Him number one?

He’s so much more than a TV star
A singer or a jock
Why don’t He get more accolaids
Than Stone Cold or the Rock?

repeat chorus

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