This song almost goes hand in hand with “Trapped” (even though it was written first and our intention was not to tie the two together). When you are tired of being trapped and you fall down on your knees crying out for redemption, He alone can save you because He is the one who paid your price.

BMI © 2002 Lyrics by Kim Jones
Music by Brian Jones

I bow to my redeemer
With Him I know no fear
His words they give me comfort
His peace is always near


He hears my cry redeem me
His face, it leads my way
He alone can save me
For sin, I’ll never pay
He hears my cry redeem me
His love takes me away
He alone can save me
The price for sin is paid

To Him I turn for joy
His mercy never fails
He saved my soul up on the cross
His hands, they took my nails

repeat chorus

One day my Lord will come back
Begin His holy reign
Sin will be a memory
No more death, heartache or pain

repeat chorus

3 Responses to “Redeemer”

  1. LISA HASH says:

    Could I submit a prayer request? Thank you.

    • Pastor Kim Jones says:

      Of course you can Lisa. You can post here or email to prayers @ road-to-revelation.com (without the blank spaces).

  2. keijo leppioja says:

    Yes we have wondeful redeemer today to trust and love him in the HOly Spirita nd be like he is Jesus Christ son of God to be the king and hope in the world to surrenrer and worship and follow in joy and in sure life in peace,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

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