“Road To Revelation”

The sad thing about non-believers is the fact that they don’t know about the road to revelation. They don’t understand that there is hope beyond tomorrow and salvation is only one step away.

BMI © 2003 Lyrics by Kim Jones
Music by Brian Jones

Darkness falls around you
And you don’t know where to turn
You’ve made your mistakes and done your wrongs
I wonder will you ever learn?

The pain you feel is very real
God knows it hurts inside
He felt it all upon the cross
The day He gave His life


The hope is there the blinders are gone
Now you can see to whom you belong
He calls your name…you’ll never be the same

Whether sunrise or at twilight
Well it may all look the same
But salvation’s waiting for you
And now’s the time to change

There’s someone looking for you
In the shadow of the night
To take you out of darkness
And into His perfect light

repeat chorus

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