We’ve all been there … trapped in a prison of our own making, at the end of our rope and with our backs to the wall. When there is no way out and no way to fix things on our own God is the only answer. He can fix the unfixable, mend the broken and put the shattered back together.

BMI © 2003 Lyrics by Kim Jones
Music by Brian Jones

(I’m trapped) In a prison of my own making
Dead ends everywhere I turn
(trapped) Held here by my own decision
When will I ever learn?

(I cry) Somebody please help me
Break down these walls and set me free

(I see) There is a watching jailor
But he has no key
People surround me staring
But no one rescues me

(I cry) Somebody please help me
Open this cage and set me free

(I stand) And listen to my sentence
Life without parole
I’m only half a person
Can someone make me whole?

(I cry) Somebody please help me
Reach out your hand and set me free

(Alone) I’ve truly hit rock bottom
Deaf ears don’t hear my pleas
There’s no one left to help me
I fall down on my knees

(I cry) Jesus please save me
(He says) My child I did at Calvary


Jesus, I come before you
I’m lost and all alone
Trapped by life, by circumstance
And only you can make me whole
I’ve been here all along
Through every right and wrong
My love for you burns bright
Through the days and through the nights

(I’m saved) I can finally see things clearly
The truth has dawned in me
I can face whatever comes now
You’re here through eternity

(I’m blessed) ‘Cuz Jesus gave His life for me
He paid my price for eternity
(Redeemed) When Jesus shed His blood for me
He broke the chains and set me free

(I’m saved) I was so blind but now I see
He saved my soul at Calvary
(I’m called) To show the world that we are free
He paid the price for you and me

I’m saved………

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