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That’s NOT the Face of Christianity I See

In the small town of Winfield, Alabama, there are two churches (and I use that term very loosely) called “Christian Identity Ministries” and the “Church of God’s Chosen.” Their pastors (again – loose terminology), William C. Collier and Mel Lewis, … Continue reading

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When you ask someone what the best decision they have ever made is, the answers will – obviously – vary. The funny thing is that the answer tends to be tied to either where the person you’re asking is when … Continue reading

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Are You Watching and Paying Attention?

Why do so many preachers insist that people close their eyes during the altar call? Is it because we don’t want to put undo pressure on those who may be on the edge of taking that step that will bring … Continue reading

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Kick ’em When They’re Down … Is This the New Face of Christianity?

Last year, I received a prayer request from a well-known lady in ministry who speaks and sings to bring others to Christ and to help those who already know Him move farther along in their walk. Her son’s unborn child … Continue reading

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