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My Way is the Only Way

If I don’t like it then that MUST mean that God doesn’t like it – so it’s “of the devil.” Right? My way is the ONLY “right” way because its’ the only “God approved” way! (And no – I am … Continue reading

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God Wants You To Be Rollin’ In The Cash

Do you believe that to be true? If you subscribe to the “Get Rich Gospel of Prosperity,” then how do you explain Matthew 6:19-24? Jesus himself is talking and He seems pretty clear to me. What you HAVE (money, stuff, … Continue reading

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That’s NOT the Face of Christianity I See

In the small town of Winfield, Alabama, there are two churches (and I use that term very loosely) called “Christian Identity Ministries” and the “Church of God’s Chosen.” Their pastors (again – loose terminology), William C. Collier and Mel Lewis, … Continue reading

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Was I Left Behind?

It’s now after 9pm in Georgia and I’m still here … as are you if you’re reading this. Does this mean that we weren’t nearly as faithful in our walks as we thought? Did we miss the boat? Considering the … Continue reading

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